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Don't Forget

Album Cover


Don't Forget is Demi Lovato's first album, first released in late September, 2008. On this fun album, there is a little mix of every side of Demi. She debuts her music with a few collaborations with the Jonas brothers which is fitting because as she recorded this album, Demi counted Nick, Joe and Kevin among her best friends. She says that it was a more fun with them:

"If I were to write the album by myself it would probably have been a little more serious," she notes. "But I didn't want that. I wanted a fun album."

Demi Lovato is really a triple threat with her extreme talent in singing, fun creativity in her acting, and as a recording artist. But add song writing to the equation? She is irresistible.

This album consists of a mix of 11 original songs, check them out!

1. La La Land
2. Get Back
3. Trainwreck
4. Party
5. On the Line (feat. Jonas Brothers)
6. Don't Forget
7. Gonna Get Caught
8. Two Worlds Collide
9. The Middle
10. Until You're Mine 
11.Believe In Me

 "Get Back" and "Gonna Get Caught," were both written by Demi along with the Jonas Brothers. They are kick-butt tunes about all of those heartbreakers out there.  Demi says: "So many guys cheat and play games. I thought there needed to be a song about a guy getting caught. Nick said, `Can't it have a happy ending?' But I said, `No, no, no!'" 

But the album isn't just super upbeat tracks, there are a few sweet ballads like "Two Worlds" and "Believe in Me," they both have a message that Demi takes very seriously: "Being a teenage girl you deal with insecurity," she says. "People think if you're in the spotlight, you're overly confident, but most of us deal with so much criticism, it gets to us. I'm the type of person who wants to take it with a grain of salt."

Then Demi's vulnerable side and true feelings come out with "Until Your Mine" and the title track "Don't Forget", a touching little ballad (also written by Demi and the Jonas Brothers) about a faltering relationship that is about to die. She expresses the same message in "On the Line," which is an uptempo duet she co-wrote and sings with Nick Jonas. "We wanted to write a breakup song," Demi says, "and what better way to say it when you're breaking up over the phone than with the title `On the Line.'"

And then, Demi's inner rocker girl comes roaring back to life on "Party" and "LA LA Land," which are super upbeat tracks that you just want to dance to every time you hear them!

Demi wrote "Trainwreck" all by herself. It really shows off her soulful voice in a fun love song.  She wraps up the album with "The Middle," a surprisingly mature song about finding balance in love and life.

Give the album a try, it is fantastic!

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