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Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/28/2019 4:34:34 PM Show/Hide

Thanks GrandmaDot!! Great videos and the review was the best one!  I'm proud of Scotty and he looks wonderful and sounds better.

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/21/2019 11:46:30 AM Show/Hide
He has risen!! God bless you all!! Have a wonderful day!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 4/8/2019 8:51:09 PM Show/Hide
Loretta, I did see where Scotty was one of the best dressed at the ACM last night.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 3/14/2019 7:54:33 PM Show/Hide
Wonderful Videos GrandmaDot!  Thank you!! Like being at a concert.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 3/6/2019 10:14:56 PM Show/Hide

barbara11, I think Scotty won Music Video Maddness.  I saw a picture of his This is it Video and it said The King and it was on the Musiqtone website.  I'm so glad.  He deserved the honor. It was dated March 5th.

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 2/28/2019 11:35:10 AM Show/Hide
Yes, Dan i think you were voting on the regular countdown, where he moved from 3rd place to 2nd place.  (The web and mobile countdown). The one barbara11 is talking about is the Music Video Maddess.  I agree barbara11 why don't they post the winner.  It ended on the 23rd and still no announcement.  So frustrating.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 2/22/2019 12:09:30 PM Show/Hide
I agree with Dan about "the good old boys". What gets me about this nomination process do they not take into account that Scotty took a huge chance when he put "Five More Minutes" out there without a label.  He barely got ownership of the song.  Talk about a gutsy move.  Does the academy not realize how loyal his fans are?  But i suppose that does not matter.  Evidently he has not paid enough dues.  Maybe they don't think he fits in with what they are looking for.  Well, I have a thing to say to them.  Scotty is the best thing that has ever happened to country music!!!  He is the poster child for it!!!  I will always be by Scotty's side in all his endeavors.  I will be a faithful fan for life!!!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 2/12/2019 3:02:06 PM Show/Hide
barbara11,  I am able to vote today.  I went to musiqtone voting booth  site and I clicked on Sawyer's picture and it will take you to the place to vote.  Also, thank you GrandmaDot for the wonderful picture and article!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 2/11/2019 4:16:30 PM Show/Hide
barbara11.  I can get to the winner's vote but when I vote it doesn't seem to take the vote. I will try again. I have been trying to 3 days.  I'm so happy for Scotty for his second # 1!!!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 1/27/2019 4:11:58 PM Show/Hide
I also think Barefootin would make a great video!  I see our Scotty is in the final four in Musiqtone's Music Video Madness.. Keep voting!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 1/17/2019 4:25:06 PM Show/Hide
Barbara11, I have voted the last segment and this current one  It took me a while to latch on to the actual voting site.  You really have to hunt for it.  Dan, I'm sorry you have sick, I don't know if I have heard of the rhino virus, but I'm hoping your feeling better.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 1/1/2019 9:47:44 AM Show/Hide
Barbara11. I have been looking but I am out of state and just have my i-pad. I seem to be able to bring the musiqtone madness but I can not find where to vote. I will keep trying. Have a very blessed New year to you all
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 12/25/2018 9:37:25 AM Show/Hide
Hope you all have a very Blessed Christmas!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 12/23/2018 10:58:44 PM Show/Hide
Barbara 11. I also, cannot vote.  But we have been voting for many years and I have never known them to completely quite. So Dan could be right and they are done for a couple weeks.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 12/19/2018 3:40:37 PM Show/Hide

Yes, GrandmaDot thank you so much for the great pictures!!

Scotty McCreery Street Team on 12/13/2018 10:48:26 AM Show/Hide
I agree with you all.  TOC has always controlled the voting. This had been a problem from the day Scotty started.  I for one will not vote this site unless they start playing fair.  Every time we vote they get a hit on their website, so the more we vote the more hits they get.  No More. And don't forget Musiqtone, he's still at number 2.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/30/2018 5:00:04 PM Show/Hide
Oh!! That "Still" was so beautiful and then when he said I Love You Gabi at the end it was mind blowing! I agree the new set is wonderful and can't wait to be able to attend one of his concerts.   I loved all the songs. And the new the Shape of your Body.  Wow. Also, I glad he's added "Barefootin"  Thank you GrandmaDot!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/28/2018 1:01:14 PM Show/Hide
Yes Loretta, I noticed that too.  I have been voting everyday so hopefully he will be back in first next time.
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/22/2018 11:14:59 AM Show/Hide
Yes Barbara11 Happy Thanksgiving to you too and to all my friends on our Scotty Fanbuff club!
Scotty McCreery Street Team on 11/12/2018 3:08:10 PM Show/Hide
Scotty is #1 again on Musiqtone!! Keep voting!

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