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About FanBuff

FanBuff is a socially involved network for groups of people who share the same interests, whether they are fans of an NFL team, a music star or an environment enthusiast.

 FanBuff allows people to make a difference in the community by uniting around a common interest.  We believe in people coming together to make change in the community. 

FanBuff allows users to pursue or stay in touch with different interest groups and enables them to contribute to the discussion of their interests.  Members can participate and make an impact in a club by contributing to forums, blog posts, events, and fan projects.

FanBuff provides tools to allow social groups to organize events and projects to make an impact in the community.  Groups are empowered to create awareness.  For example, a charity event / project can be organized by a professional sports team for the fans to volunteer for a cause.

Above all, FanBuff is created by fans like you to use technology to benefit society. 

FanBuff is free.




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