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by tswiftfansforlife @ 6/27/2013 7:50:53 PM
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who here enjoys taylor swift? of course u do! i remember my first taylor swift was perfect. the sun was beautiful, the sunset was glowing and best of all, I MET TAYOR SWIFT!!! it was just like a dream come true.i believe that taylor swift is the most talented and beautiful of all the preformers out in the world. haters are simply dissmissed. love you taylor! bye. comment and suscribe to me on youtube at tswiftfansforlife! also follow me on instagram at @taylorswift1fanclub for more pics and more!

by Nicolemarie17 @ 6/9/2013 11:06:14 PM
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I am Selling a pair of Taylor tickets to her July 27 show in Mass at Gillette stadium email me for info  must travel to NH to pick up tickets they are great seats only selling because all my friends are going Friday :)

by taylorswiftgirl @ 5/28/2013 8:05:51 PM
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Taylor swift of the biggest stars in music lit up the 2013 Billboard Music Awards! No one was happier the Taylor as she collected eight awards. She very well accepted her gold statue for top artist, Swift then give thanks to the 3.7 million fans who purchased "Red"! "Thank you for making my music the soundtrack to your crazy emotions," she said. "Your the longest and best relationship I've ever had!"

by StayStayStay @ 4/21/2013 8:21:46 PM
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Going on Youtube, I looked up all the songs on the Red album. Checking all of their views, I have wrote down Taylor's most popular songs from the album:

State Of Grace- 2,344,542 views
Red- 5,866,126 views
Treacherous- 407,106 views
I Knew You Were Trouble- 97,916,427 views
All To Well- 914,905 views
22-33,018,972 views
I Almost Do- 721,872 views
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- 151,841,059 views
Stay Stay Stay- 1,189,562 views
The Last Time- 2,253,624 views
Holy Ground- 444,316 views
Sad Beautiful Tragic- 447,475 views
The Lucky One- 563,691 views
Everything Has Changed- 1,363,415 views
Starlight- 628,060 views
Begin Again- 31,100,069 views

Here they are ranked (1 being the most watched 16 being the lest watched)
15.Holy Ground
14.Sad Beautiful Tragic
13.The Lucky One
11.I Almost Do
10.Everything Has Changed
9.All To Well
8.Stay Stay Stay
7.The Last Time
6.State Of Grace
4.Begin Again
2.I Knew You Were Trouble
1.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This Was Made On April 21, 2013 Around 8:00 P.M, The Number Of Views Will Change!
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by taylorswiftgirl @ 3/29/2013 10:30:59 PM
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Still, it’s almost certain she won’t grow into a Madonna or a Katy Perry. It remains to be seen whether she might flower into a Natalie Maines, an Alanis Morissette, a Patty Griffin, a Kathleen Hanna. Ms. Swift isn't ready to choose that just yet — she still has arenas to soothe, and anxieties of her own to purge. That was clear from a pair of songs near the end of the night, both laser-targeted assassinations of ne’er-do-well boys.

First was “I Knew You Were Trouble,” one of the great pop songs of recent months, and Ms. Swift’s most blatant statement about her increasingly evanescent relationship to country. It’s a ferocious, thumping song, and it’s already done more for introducing dabster to new ears and mainstream it than all the Electric Daisy Carnivals put together.

by taylorswiftgirl @ 3/29/2013 2:41:02 PM
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Taylor is a few weeks into a 66 date North America tour which encompasses 47 cities in 29 states. And she showed she is just getting in her stride as she rocked out on stage in Newark, New Jersey on Thursday. The star posed provocatively with her red glittery guitar and an intense expression on her face as she performed in her short leather black hot pants and lacy cream shirt. The energetic country singer was also spotted singing in the midst of the audience after being hoisted onto the shoulders of several burly men.  However, the star was back to her usual girl-next door personal a few hours later when she paid a visit to the 'Club Red' area arena backstage where she met several eager fans! Comment if you were there and watched the awesome show!

by taylorswiftgirl @ 3/28/2013 11:43:17 AM
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Swift also offered an explanation to her fans as to why she does write so many personal songs as she sat down at the piano in one of the evening's highlights to belt out "All TOO WELL," explaining how her song writing constitutes a form of a therapy . "My main goal is to write exactly how I'm feeling, so I can get past how I'm feeling.   As on her last Speak Now tour, the singer alternated between stripped down numbers like "Starlight" and "Begin Again" (which featured her on the guitar and not a lot else), and a huge production pieces such as "22" ( which featured Swift being carried through the crowd from the main stage to a smaller platform on the other side of the arena) and "I Knew You Were Trouble" (which took the form of massive masquerade ball).

by taylorswiftgirl @ 3/19/2013 6:47:00 PM
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Superstar Swift brought her new Red tour to town, only the third stop on singer's trek. And it was everything Swift's mostly glow-stick waving young girl fans and their moms expected from Taylor Swift extravaganza. From ballerinas emerging from oversized music boxes to Swift in various contractions that allowed her to hover over the audience, this was a crowd-pleasing affair.

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